Root canal treatments

root_canal_3When tooth decay reaches its deep limit it starts paining, it means infection has reached to the roots, in such cases root canal treatment is the treatment of choice.

In this procedure all the infectious tissues and dead pulp is removed or cleaned from the roots of that tooth. If done by old style method it take generally 5 to 6 sittings. We at sakshi dental , value your precious time so prefer single visit root canal treatment approx 30 min. It’s the latest ,fast and more accurate treatment method.

So after cleaning ALL THE ROOTS we fill the whole root with a root filling material called GP points., and a permanent filling in the remaining tooth, this will protect your tooth for long time without any complication or pain.

See below,,….step by step RCT procedure.


Dental fillings

images (3)When your tooth got decay or a cavity its time to fill it properly with a dental filling material like composite (recommended) or silver.

We at sakshi dental clinic provides tooth colored dental filling i.e composite. It is widely use for any type of small or large tooth filling without any discomfort or pain. It has many tooth beneficial qualities like enamel

remineralization, strength, less wear, natural look etc. it stays for a very long term .So it’s the best option for any type of tooth filling.

Teeth Cleaning

imagesHealthy gums and teeth are very important parts of our body system, daily care is necessary to prevent oral diseases. We all should go for a basic teeth cleaning procedure once in year to our dentist, to prvent any further tooth problems because prevention is always better than cure.

We at sakshi dental clinic do professional tooth cleaning and polishing using ultrasonic scaler machine to ensure perfect smile.

Gum Treatments

aaHealthy gums are the basic foundation of our teeth. So its equally important to take care of your gums as u do for your teeth. Irregular gum care leads to serious gum diseases like bleeding gums, swellings, recession, periodontitis etc that indirectly loosen your teeth making them fall down someday.

Regular teeth and gum cleaning by professional is impotant for healthy teeth followed by frequent use of mouthwash and flossing.

We at sakshi dental clinic treated more than 1200 cases of gum diseases like mild to severe infections , swellings, major we say prevention is better than cure, regular tooth and gums cleaning and proper diet can help you to prevent all such gums problems.

Crowns and Bridges