Teeth whiteningTeeth whitening

This type of treatment is is use to whiten your teeth. If you have darkely satined teeth then professional teeth whitening the best. But if your teeth got slight yellowish stains then home whitening kits are best option. Though many whitening kits are available online easily.. but its risky..so its always better to buy it under the guidance of professional dentist.
Teeth whitening solutions comes in 2 types.
1. Office kit
2. Home kit
Office kit is for dental professional which they use in their clinic for patients who opt for professional whitening . Home kits are used by patients or anyone who has mild stains. This kit is very easy to use and in your comfort zone. Wether you apply it at day or night time for only 15 to 30 min as recommended.

At sakshi dental clinic we use two top rated company products which are pola and opalescence.


   poladay-teeth-whitening    opalesence

Features of pola and opalscence whitening –

  • They are natural soother and conditioner
  • Contains inbuilt desensitizing agent minimizing teeth sensitivity after treatment.
  • Fluoride releasing property
  • Enamel remineralisation
  • High water content reduces drying of enamel
  • Pleasant taste in mouth
  • High viscosity gel so easy to handle.

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Dental Veneers/laminatedownload (11)

Veneers are the most conservative and innovative treatment approach to treat many small tooth problems. Dental veneers are thin shells of tooth coloured materials, use to cover front surfaces of teeth, to treat their defects, like spots,craks,broken tooth, discolored tooth, teeth gaps.
They are made up of either porcelain or composite , difference in both is that porcelain veneers are more strong and stain resistant than composite veneers. But little expensive. Composite veneers r very economical and single visit procedure. Its painless too. So if u hav tight budget u can go for composite veneers. Procedure is simple1mm tooth reduction from front side only. Impressioning ,Trial and final cementation.

 Cosmetic fillings/Tooth coloured

images (2)When your tooth got decay or a cavity its time to fill it properly with a dental filling material like composite (recommended) or silver.

We at sakshi dental clinic provides tooth colored dental filling i.e composite. It is widely use for any type of small or large tooth filling without any discomfort or pain.

It has many tooth beneficial qualities like enamel remineralization, strength, less wear, natural look etc. it stays for a very long term .So it’s the best option for any type of tooth filling.

 Dental Jewellery



It is a type of cosmetic dental procedure where a small decorative crystal is cemented on a tooth surface. its a very safe, quick (10 -15 min) and painless and you can change the design easily whenever you want without damaging your teeth.

  • No injections
  • No drills
  • No messy procedures
  • Not permanent
  • No loss of tooth enamel

These tiny little things are a great fun… try once 🙂